June 19, 2014
Applescript to Add Safari URL to Reading List

A dead-simple applescript to add a URL to Safari’s Reading List:

    tell application "Safari"
      set theURL to URL of current tab of window 1
       add reading list item theURL
   end tell

January 24, 2014
Happy 30th Birthday, Mac (or, Thanks, Dad)

I’ve told this story a bunch of times, not the least of which was a job interview with Apple retail personnel for a job when shit was tight. I thought it would be worth sharing for the Mac’s 30th birthday.

My dad offered to buy me a computer to take to college in the spring of my senior year of high school. I demurred, saying that I didn’t really understand computers. I had managed to not need one for all four years of high school, so I figured that I would be okay.

When I returned from a long weekend trip in 1993 with my classmates to Williamsburg,VA, a Macintosh Color Classic was sitting on the table waiting for me.

It was amazing.

A nine-inch color screen, dense with color, sat staring back at me, a little droop in the floppy drive’s mouth smirking playfully. I played Prince of Persia on it, wrote a speech for graduation on Word Perfect.

It was a computer for a technophobe. By my senior year in college, I had turned into a techie, one of the few guys I knew who could dial into the school vax, chat with classmates from my apartment, get pictures from Usenet. My roommate and I played Marathon over LocalTalk. Oscar the Grouch sang a song when I emptied my trash. My buddies typed papers on my Mac. It never crashed and hosed a floppy.

Today, I’m the guy at work who fixes the macs and winboxen when you’re stuck. I can get you printing without you having to submit a work order. If your Office installation on your MacBook is screwy, I’m the guy who can fix that default Word template. I’ve copied iPods’ worth of data onto hard drives and restored the songs to iTunes. I write Applescripts and shell scripts that solve problems. I help out without making people feel dumb because I was dumb about the same stuff once.

The Mac made computers accessible to me.

My dad bought me my first Mac.

Thanks, Dad.

January 7, 2014

David Pogue, writing for the new Yahoo Tech:

You’ll never catch me using terms like “price point” when I mean “price,” or “form factor” when I mean “size.” I’ll never say “content” when I mean video, “solution” when I mean product, “DRM” when I mean copy protection, or “functionality” when I mean “feature.”


January 6, 2014

Rock stars still need to rehearse.


January 6, 2014

Amy Parker, in Slate:

Those of you who have avoided childhood illnesses without vaccines are lucky. You couldn’t do it without us pro-vaxxers. Once the vaccination rates begin dropping, the drop in herd immunity will leave your children unprotected. The more people you convert to your anti-vax stance, the quicker that luck will run out.


January 5, 2014
Carbonfin Outliner

When did Carbonfin Outliner become universal? I always wanted to buy the iPad version but hedged because I’d already bought OmniOutliner. I was very happy to find this out.

January 3, 2014
Mr. Reader

Gabe at Macdrifter has a great article on Mr. Reader. Mr. Reader has come to replace Reeder for me on iOS, filling the void that Google Reader’s demise left.

Mr. Reader is highly tweakable, to a degree I hadn’t realized. The use of URL schemes allows you to create your own services, for example; I created a Simplenote service before I realized there already was one.

October 30, 2013


Super Families – 13 illustrations by Andry Rajoelina | Ufunk.net




Super Families – 13 illustrations by Andry Rajoelina | Ufunk.net


July 30, 2013

Fast-food workers are striking to demand livable wages. Good for them. As always, there are people against the notion of people being paid for their work.

“The people who would be the losers would be the unskilled workers,” [Manhattan Institute fellow Diana Furchtgott-Roth] says. “The people who, like my teenager, want a summer job. No one’s going to pay my teenager $15 an hour. But my teenager can get $7.25 an hour.”

I used to flip burgers and wash dishes at a mom-and-pop. Know how much I made? About $6.00 an hour. In 1995.

Michael Saltsman, research director at the EPI, says a higher minimum wage could push fast-food companies to invest more heavily in automation instead of hourly workers.

“There are a number of chains here in the U.S. who are experimenting with electronic menus where you can order on an iPad-type device; you can pay on that device,” says Saltsman. “These are changes that happen in direct response to higher labor costs.”

So technology is developed to prevent people from making enough money for them to participate in the economy which they service?


July 27, 2013
David Simon on the Local Ownership of Newspapers

If newspapers are going to be great again, it will be because they reasserted control over an on-line revenue stream and because they are run by and for and about the people of the cities in which they are published. The neglect of that second principle is the original sin of print journalism in America, and only a return of a newspaper to local ownership and control offers any real chance at ideological indifference and reportorial quality.

(Source: davidsimon.com)